We strive to make the day to day battles with project management software easier for architects and designers. We bring solutions in which the relevant architectural data they use is integrated directly in the software. Our BIMTech Tools represent a tool-kit that processes every single construction product and transforms it into a user-friendly form for architects.

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Composite Structures
Building Materials
Parametric Objects
Colour Charts

1. Architects and designers use ArchiCAD, Revit or AutoCAD

If you are not familiar with these programs, then this is for you. Architects, architectural planners, and designers are at home with them. And it is they who specify project documentation, hence, directly influencing the investor. Wouldn’t you like it if they used your products? BIMTech Tools enable them to generate the products directly into the project.

2. BIM and legislation

BIM is a progressive technology that currently moves the building industry. Seven EU countries have already made BIM usage mandatory for architectural planning as the requirements and standards this activity must meet are increasingly more demanding. The users of various architectural software will be gradually more in need of objects and structures specified by their producer. Such elements can be found in our add-on.

3. Keep up with the competition and latest trends

Some producers have already realised that television or broadcasting are not the only channels for an efficient commercial. It is vital to adapt to modern processes and technologies and to market your brand in new, more efficient ways. Become a part of the revolutionary BIMTech Tools, be visible and support the cooperation between yourselves, designers, and investors.

4. Our know-how

If you are still wondering why you would be interested in being included in BIMTech Tools, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to show you what we do and to find an ideal solution for your products. In the meantime, watch our videos to see how the add-on works.