Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: Cannot connect to the internet

A: Update to the latest version. Then wait until the page is fully loaded. Then please check your proxy settings

Q: Cannot download a cadastral map

A: Please update BIMTech Tools to the latest version, check the internet connection, proxy server settings if used. New version is available here

Q: Allplan - Selected textures of surfaces are not visible

A: Update the view manually. Select Change->Architecture->General->Restore 3D View->All

Q: Error 303 or 500 when downloading content

A: Please update to the latest version


Proxy server settings

The settings are displayed automatically if the Internet connection is unsuccessful.

In the Network Proxy Settings window, select Proxy Type:

  • Use system proxy settings. BIMTech Tools loads the system configuration.

  • Detect automatically. BIMTech Tools attempts to automatically detect proxy settings. Either system or configuration script.

  • No proxy - if you have direct internet access.

  • Custom settings for manual configuration. Set the proxy address for the HTTP(s) / SOCKS connection. Enter the URL or IP address of the proxy server in the Proxy server field and enter the port number of the proxy server in the Port field.

BIMTech Tools installation on macOS

Since we do not distribute BIMTech Tools via the Apple Store, it is for now necessary to enable the option to open the installer from an "unidentified developer".

More information here:

The security rules for opening applications were changed in mac OS Catalina -