Complete BIMTech Tools support of softwares in 2022

Today we have released the plugin for Revit 2023.
Up to date we have completed support of softwares in 2022.

Archicad 25, Revit 2023, AutoCAD 2023, Allplan 2022, Sketchup 2022, ZWCAD 2022, GStarCAD 2022, BricsCAD v22

New sandwich construction configurator

New sandwich construction configurator

In the new version of the add-on you will find a new configurator of sandwich construction layers.
It displays individual layers, even transverse structures, more clearly and enables them to be edited.

Facade insulation anchoring design

Facade insulation design in Archicad and Revit

Do you need to design the façade insulation anchorage according to the wind load?
You can easily achieve this in the new version of the BIMTech Tools Add-on.

Thermal calculations of 3D details in ArchiCAD and SketchUp

BIMTech has integrated the free KNAUF INSULATION software KI-REAL for thermal design of structures. Now you can export 3D geometry of our composite structures directly to KI-REAL for 3D thermal bond assessment. Standards used: CSN EN ISO 6946, CSN 730540 (1-4), CSN EN ISO 13788, CSN EN ISO 13370, CSN EN ISO 10456, CSN EN ISO 10211 A.2.

New in Map Services - Orthophotomaps

Did you miss orthophotomaps? We have prepared a small summer refreshment for you. They work in ArchiCAD since 1.7.2, a new version 2.0 is needed for Revit.

You can also start BIMTech Tools now in GstarCAD

You can also start BIMTech Tools now in GstarCAD Cadastral maps, Construction details, Sandwich structures, Calculation of condensation and heat transfer all this for free download.

Define and store your own composite structures

We know you missed the opportunity to save your own composite structures, so we added it. You can create a complete new composite or edit a predefined one. And you can even change the name of the material in your own composite. The user defined composite structure manager is available in its own category.

BIMTech Tools are now also available for Allplan

Are you using Allplan? So we have good news for you :) BIMTech Tools are now also available for Allplan. Cadastral maps, sandwich constructions, CAD-details and color and texture charts.

Condensation assessment reports

Did you want to have reports of condensation assesments? You have them! Free and in PDF format. All you have to do is open the composite construction detail and generate a report.

Bituminous waterproofing Börner – a layer above the rest

Do you prefer asphalt felt to plastic sheets when planning? Then you will definitely appreciate new elements in BIMTech Tools – asphalt felts for every conditions and setting imaginable. We put together sandwich components for various degrees of Radon risk, water pressure, or even the composition of green roofs that would be resilient to inward growth. If you design layering yourself, there is a wide selection of building materials available with their descriptions and pieces of advice as to where and why they fit best.

Maxit Plastering systems

The sturdiness of masonry, the type of mortar paste used, the level of harshness or even reflection of colour; they all have a considerable impact on the plastering of a one-layered brick wall. It is, therefore, not easy at all to choose the right plastering system for brick walls. In order to help you out with it, we launched a plastering layering configurator in cooperation with Franken Maxit, which takes into account all these parameters. Moreover, it will display the changes in temperature inside the building, count the overall heat penetration and insert the whole structure with all its layers directly into the project. The time for complaints about fissures caused by the wrong type of plaster has come to an end. Finding it too good to be true? Try it out yourself in our add-on with any type of outside walls.

HELUZ – materials and walls including plastering systems

HELUZ brick walls have been a staple on the market when it comes to designing family homes and other types of shorter buildings. You can now generate it in BIMTech Tools either as a material or directly with sandwich layers and plastering. As of now, it is possible to take advantage of the energetic analysis of heat penetration that would help you decide whether to use heat accumulating or one-layered walls, including the choice of plastering systems Maxit, Cemix or Weber. You can use the automatic description of compositions without having to spend hours searching for the right plastering system. Remuneration of materials have never been easier.

New materials and sandwich structures from JUB

The international company, JUB has now included materials and sandwich structures into BIMTech Tools. Do you not wish to guarantee that you made the right choice of glue and plastering? Our add-on consists of sandwich of external thermal insulation (ETICS) that was recommended directly by the producer. You do not have to search for the colour charts and try to figure out whether the selected shade is compatible with the given plastering. Try it out yourselves and you will see how easy it is to use the chosen materials in your project. The information of the construction composites has been deepened once again.

Stop with all the colour clicking

You are holding colour charts in your hands and it is great to browse, flip through and everything, but it not the most practical thing when designing. Who likes spending time searching for the right RGB value? In order to help you minimise this time consuming activity, we enhanced the BIMTech Tools add-on; it now has all the RAL and NCS colour charts as well as charts from various producers. The charts can be found in ArchiCAD and Revit.

How to generate the land registry map into your project

Are you also tired of re-drawing land registry maps from the downloaded materials? Do you want to use the Czech cadastre map with all the up-to-date data directly in your designing programme? Our add-on BIMTech Tools now has a tool that comes in handy. It imports the land registry snip right into your project from CUZK (State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre). The cadastre maps are now available for AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Revit. Watch this short video to see how it all works.

LITHOPLAST – waterproofing membrane and accessories

Are you trying to find a hydro-insulating foil made of Polyethylene that can be used for the ground floor? The BIMTech Tools add-on now contains resilient studded membrane and its accessories from the Czech company, LITHOPLAST.

New hydro-insulating membranes FATRAFOL in the material catalogue

Are you trying to figure out which waterproofing foil to use for flat roof, or how thick the waterproofing ground layer should be? Finding the right membrane does not have to be rocket science, just have a look at BIMTech Tools to see what FATRAFOL one of the producers recommends for the given purposes. Download the add-on for ArchiCAD and Revit for free and make designing easier.